"Stonehenge Legacy" Offers Chilling Suspense

Post date: Sep 2, 2013 4:54:23 PM

The Stonehenge Legacy by Sam Christer

A week before the summer solstice, Nathan Chase, a world renowned treasure hunter, kills himself and leaves a cryptic letter for his estranged son, archeologist Gideon Chase. Within hours Gideon discovers his father was involved with a 5,000-year-old “Brotherhood” that worships the sacred Stonehenge stones, which they believe provide worshippers with miraculous health and fortune. In return, the Brotherhood repays the sacred stones with human sacrifices. Soon Gideon must decide whether his destiny involves membership in the Brotherhood or its destruction.

Author Sam Christer has created a truly believable and frightening suspense thriller. The world of the Brotherhood is created with such realistic detail it sent me to Google to see if such a cult ever did exist. (I couldn’t find one.) His characters, especially Gideon, are fully developed. The suspense builds to a tense ending, but the final climax is a bit confusing. I also found the present tense narrative jarring at times, but I view that as more a personal preference than a criticism of Christer’s writing.

All in all, The Stonehenge Legacy is an enjoyable read.