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Frank Langer is a broken man. Once he was one of the best detectives on the Vancouver, BC, homicide squad. Today his life is one long continuous nightmare. By day, he is beset with guilt. By night, his sleep is wracked by such horrors he can't sleep more than two hours at a time. His only solace is found at the bottom of a bottle.But Frank is still a damn good detective, and when he's asked to help a young mother find her kidnapped baby, he stumbles onto a plot that threatens to end humankind as we know. The problem is, in Frank's condition, no one believes him.In The Arx, Canadian author Jay Allan Storey's third book, Frank Langer must confront his own demons in order to reveal to the world the true nature of the hidden threat that gives the book its name.

The Arx's Hitchcockian plot is part noir mystery, part sci-fi, part social commentary. Frank Langer is a classic noir character. Shattered and used up, he still has enough humanity to care for humankind in general and love one woman in particular. And he's willing to risk everything to save them.

I rate The Arx as 5-star read!