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Where to Find a Freelance Editor

End of an Era ... for an Old Newspaperman

Codename: Parsifal - The True Story Behind the Story

Look. Up in the Sky. It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's a ... UFO?

Not So Intelligent Artificial Intelligence

The Secret Life of a Novelist's 'Mews'

Footloose, Swinging Cats, and Other Salty Terms

What Makes You a Writer?

Have You Met Jack?

Three Tips for Moving Your Writing Forward

Publishing Terms New Writers Should Know

Hemingway's Four Rules for Writing Well

Why Hired an Editor?

Want to Be a Writer? Adhere to the King’s Advice

What Is the Primary Job of a Thriller?

Common Mistakes Made by Writers

How to Get Those Needed Reviews

Thriller Writers and WWII

Mystery, Thriller, or Mystery Thriller?

How Thrillers Get to Those Exciting Climaxes

POV: First Person or Third Person?


Book Reviews

Luciano's War: Two Great Thrillers with Plots Based on Mobster Lucky Luciano and the WWII Battle for Sicily

Secrets Held in a Secret Hospital

Higgins' Cold Harbour: Double Agents and Triple Crosses

Morrell's The Fifth Profession Hard to Put Down

A Gripping Fictional Account of a Maritime Tragedy

Outliers - An Exciting Dystopian Thriller

11/22/63: Down the Rabbit Hole Into the Past

The War Catches Up with Billy Boyle

The Quiet American: A Cautionary Tale Unheeded

Author Derek Robinson Show the Battle of Britain Was No "Piece of Cake"

Review: Black Heart - Arrival: A Page Turner to Keep You Up at Night 

Review: Metropolis: A Beginning and an End for Bernie Gunther

Review: Block's 'Tombstones:' A Walk Among Genius

Review: Vita Aeterna - A Powerful Warning of a Future to Come

Review: Moonraker - More Proof Hollywood Ruined James Bond

Review: All that Glitters In Hollywood Isn't Gold

Review: Angels With Dirty Faces...and Guns

Review: Jekyll Revelation - Slow Start but Compelling Read

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