Devolution Z (April 2017)

Devolution Z Magazine Issue 17

In war, there are many enemies. The one you shoot at, and who shoots back. Heat, cold, the deadly sea. Then there is "The Other Enemy," the one who is not suppose to exist.Buy it at Amazon.

Mystery Weekly (February 2017)

In "The Veteran," a serial killer is stalking street people. Homeless Vietnam veteran Crags faces death the same way he did in the jungle - alone.

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Crimson Streets (February 2017)

Professor Lawrence Hadley a most parculiar talent. He can see the past by simply touching an object. In "The Touch of Time," Hadley is asked an unsual favor by three Englishmen: Find out which one of them is the descendant of Jack the Ripper.

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Illustration to accompany "The Touch of Time." Copyright (c) 2016 by L.A.Spooner. Used under license.

Plan B Mystery Anthology (Vol. 1)

I owed Frank Adams more than I could ever repay. And so I decided to kill him.

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Plan B Anthology

Alt Hist Issue 6: The Magazine of Historical Fiction and Alternate History (Contributor)

What would the United States be like if Hitler won the Second World War? In “Hitler Is Coming” by Martin Roy Hill, protagonist Paul Klee is an OSS veteran and police investigator on temporary assignment to the post-war American SS to stop a plot to kill a victorious Adolf Hitler on his first visit to the U.S. From fascist cabbies to corrupt Party gauleiters, Klee wends his way through an America most Americans today never knew once existed.

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Alt Hist Issue 6 Front Cover
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Alt Hist Issue 10: The Magazine of Historical Fiction and Alternate History

The Paul Klee adventure continues as the former OSS agent is ordered by the commander of the occupying German SS to track down "The Thirty-Fourth Man," a double agent who helped the FBI break up a Nazi spy ring before the war. Based on a true story.

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