"Nightstalkers" a Rip-Roaring Military Sci-fi Adventure

Post date: Jun 22, 2014 5:23:04 PM

Nightstalkers (Area 51: The Nightstalkers, #1)

Take an elite group of soldiers, place them against a mysterious and deadly phenomenon, add a precocious, blue-haired 16-year-old girl, and laced freely with wit and humor, and you’ve got a rip-roaring military sci-fi adventure called The Nightstalkers.

Best-selling author Bob Mayer combines two of the most popular fiction genres — military special operations and science fiction — in this story of an ultra covert operations team called the Nightstalkers trying to contain the spread of glowing balls of energy called “Fireflies” from dimensional rifts created by foolhardy scientists. A West Point graduate and former Green Beret, Mayer writes knowingly of spec ops and weaponry, but avoids the false machismo found in many “commando” books. He not only laces his story with wry observations and outright laughs, he creates characters who, despite being highly trained killing machines, are still a bit vulnerable and even whacky — pretty much as you would find in real life. Plus the leader of this group isn’t some macho guy, but a tall, attractive woman nicknamed Moms.

In the first of a three book series, the Nightstalkers find themselves trying to contain the spread of Fireflies in an extremely wealthy suburb called the Senators Club. Failing at their attempt to blend into such a rarefied atmosphere, the Nightstalkers unwillingly adopt a neighborhood teenage fireball named Scout who opens their eyes to the alien lifestyle of the uber-wealthy one percent. The result is a fun and thrilling reading experience.