Expect the Unexpected In "Savage Payback"

Post date: Nov 9, 2013 4:47:36 PM

SAVAGE PAYBACK by Seumas Gallacher

Savage Payback, Seumas Gallacher's third entry in his Jack Calder series, sees the former SAS officer thrown up against the international drug trade and a renegade former special ops operator with a thirst for revenge against Calder's specialist security firm, International Security Partners.

Coordinated attacks are made against some of London's most elite jewelry merchants— many of them ISP clients. The subsequent murders of ISP employees in Europe and Asia soon makes it clear both the jewelry heists and murders are part of a planned program of revenge aimed at ISP for its earlier interference in a major drug operation. But when the revenge attacks hit too close to home, the victims become the avengers. From the U.S./Mexico border frontier to Turkey to Bosnia, Calder and his team of extreme measures experts burn a path of savage revenge through the drug cartels and their mercenary henchmen.

Savage Payback is an explosive ride through the shadowy world of the international drug trade. A word of advice—expect the unexpected.