Martin Roy Hill's Works

Polar Melt: A Novel

Who knows what lies waiting at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean?

Tales of Courage, Leadership, Blunders, and SNAFUs.

The Butcher's Bill
The price of war is paid with more than money.

The Last Refuge
Greed, betrayal, and government secrets lead to murder.

The Killing Depths
Killers lurk beneath the waves of the western Pacific Ocean.

Suspense and Mystery Stories from the Cold War and Beyond

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Empty Places

"Avoid lonely, empty places. People die in empty places."

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EDEN: A Sci-Fi Novella

“If this is Paradise, how bad could Hell be?”

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Marque and Resprisal
A KindleShort
Somebody’s killing drug smugglers off the Southern California coast.
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Hitler Is Coming

A KindleShort
What if Hitler had won?
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Publications Martin's work has appeared in.
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